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Beyond Breakeven Coaching

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Beyond Breakeven Coaching provides one to one coaching to your finance staff.

What difference would it make if you were able to manage and understand your business’ finances?

Our Beyond Breakeven Coaching service will:

  • Show you how to save time and money by having the right systems in place to manage your finances
  • Help you to understand your financial information so you can make decisions more easily
  • Inform you about which products and services are generating profits and which aren’t
  • Support you to improve sales and profitability by looking at your pricing and your expenditure
  • Develop your staff and their skills, as well as their financial understanding

Key Benefits:

  • Saves you time
  • Saves you money
  • Helps you make decisions
  • Helps improve your profitability
  • Staff are trained and developed
  • Staff are more motivated
  • Staff are more effective and efficient in their job roles

How does it work?

You identify specific, immediate goals that you want to achieve for the individual and the business. Coaching is focused on work issues rather than personal issues, and the development of new skills to achieve work related goals.

You may have already identified what areas you require support in, or alternatively we meet with you to discuss the current issues and make recommendations for the coaching support required.

The individual being coached could be a Board member, senior manager or someone involved in the day to day financial management, and the coaching will be delivered at an appropriate level for that individual’s job role.

Coaching is for a set period with one of our qualified accountants. Based on your requirements we identify the most suitable coach for you.

It is structured and scheduled regularly, and delivered on a one to one basis. Coaching involves a minimum of four hours spread over a minimum of two weeks – and includes an introductory goal setting session, coaching to achieve the goals, and feedback and recommendations for on-going development goals.

Coaching is short term and focused on specific development areas and skills focused around finances, finance systems, financial management, decision making and profitability.

We have the following Beyond Breakeven Coaching Packages available:

PackageNumber of hours of coachingCost
The packages outlined above may be subject to change from time to time.
Finance Guru4£300 plus VAT
Finance Specialist8£525 plus VAT (1 hour free)
Finance Expert12£750 plus VAT (2 hours free)

Helping you to focus on the next steps for success

The coaching offers

One to one support with any financial skills you wish to develop. This could include developing the skills to manage your business finances, support to set up and effectively use financial systems, deciding what financial information and reports you need to assist with decision making, looking at how you can be more profitable, reviewing your products/services and suggestions for improving sales, and pricing your products/services.

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