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  • Office news and deadlines

    Office news and deadlines

    As we come towards the end of 2018 and less than 17 weeks to Christmas, a quick reminder on deadlines. We are also happy to welcome Shaziya back from her maternity break on a part time basis.

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  • VAT Pre registration claims

    VAT Pre registration claims

    The prospect of becoming VAT registered can often be viewed as a daunting process by many people. This article gives a brief introduction of some of the rules surrounding a pre-registration claim.

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  • Making Tax Digital

    Making Tax Digital

    The Government’s new scheme for ‘Making Tax Digital’. This is a new scheme to make it easier for businesses and people to stay on top of their tax affairs and decrease the amount of errors whilst calculating tax returns.

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  • Flat Rate VAT

    Flat Rate VAT

    Flat Rate VAT is an alternative way for small businesses to work out how much VAT to pay to HMRC in each quarter. The rates can vary from 4% to 16.5% depending on what sector your business is operating in.

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  • Changes to Spring 2017 budget

    Changes to Spring 2017 budget

    There are a number of changes that have been listed in the budget announced recently. One of those changes was the increase in Class 4 National Insurance from April 2018.

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