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Office Binder - Freerange Stock ArchivesConsultancy Services:

We currently provide a range of consultancy services for social enterprises, Community Interest Companies (CICs) and charities.

We are specialists in business planning, pricing, investment readiness, financial sustainability and impact measurement (social value), but can also help with any finance related issues.

Business Planning & Pricing Services:

Have you got lots of ideas but you don’t know where to start? Or you don’t know what the next step is? Well, in that case, our business planning services are ideal for you. We review the ideas you have, what your USPs (unique selling points) are and look at how to prioritise these to build your organisation and business plan. We also offer pricing services, where we support you to decide on the pricing of your products and services and create your financial projections. This service can be combined with our business planning services.

Investment Readiness Services:

Our investment readiness services support your organisation to become investment ready, whether you are looking for loan finance or share investment. We review the options for financing your organisation’s growth with you, make recommendations and connect you to investors. We also advise on the tax reliefs available, including the new Social Investment Tax Relief. We were part of HM Treasury’s Working Group and assisted with the development of this tax relief for social enterprises.

Financial Sustainability Services:

If you receive lots of grant funding and have little or no trading income, or only have one or two funders, then our financial sustainability services are exactly what you need. This support looks at your income sources and identifies how these can be diversified so you can be financially sustainable.

Impact Measurement Services & SROI:

Are you interested in working out the social value your organisation creates? Now public bodies have to consider social value when commissioning and procuring services, make sure you know how to measure the social value you create. Our impact measurement services provide step by step guidance on how to collect the data to measure your social value. We also provide a full Social Return on Investment service, which provides you with a SROI report and value.

Contact us now to see how we can start to make your organisation stronger and more sustainable.

Key Benefits:

Whether you are starting your organisation or have been running your organisation for a number of years, we provide expertise and knowledge to support your future plans. Our particular skills are:

  • An ability to assess quickly where you need support
  • A hands-on approach that equips you with the skills you need
  • Expertise and knowledge in start ups, growth and expansion, as well as mergers and acquisitions
  • Friendly and non-technical language, particularly around finances