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Finance Changes / Updates

  • Investment relief available for social enterprises

    Investment relief available for social enterprises

    An organisation can look for loans and investments that would entitle the investor to a tax relief provided it meets the conditions of that particular scheme.

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  • Paying workers in your social enterprise

    Paying workers in your social enterprise

    Once the organisation decides to pay individuals, the organisation needs to consider setting up payroll in order to pay the correct income tax, national and pension contributions.

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  • VAT Pre registration claims

    VAT Pre registration claims

    The prospect of becoming VAT registered can often be viewed as a daunting process by many people. This article gives a brief introduction of some of the rules surrounding a pre-registration claim.

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  • Key changes for payroll

    Key changes for payroll

    Personal allowance to rise to 11,500 from April 2017. This means that we all would have around £112 per year more in our pocket compared to 2016/17 along with this, the higher tax bracket will rise from £43,000 to £45,000 in April 2017.

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  • Tax and Payroll Update

    Tax and Payroll Update

    Here are a few key points and changes effective from 6th April 2017. More information can be found on a number of our our previously published website articles. See full details on this page.

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