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CICs and business rates

Houses of Parliament - Image Credit Free Range Stock - GeoffreyWhitewayThe Government have just announced a review of Business Rates. We know from talking to many of our CIC clients that business rates are a significant issue for many CICs.

There is no uniform approach across the country regarding whether CICs are eligible for 80% relief automatically like charities, and also whether they can also get the additional 20% discretionary relief. Some Councils give CICs 100% relief and some do not give any relief at all, making the current system very unfair.

If you have strong views about this, please contribute via the CIC Association, who will be collating and aggregating the responses they receive and responding on behalf of CICs in general.

The current situation, as outlined by the CIC Association, is:

  1. Policy varies wildly, but it can as it is discretionary. But we should have a stable system of application
  2. Levels of understanding are frighteningly low
  3. Local officers often make the decision on financial considerations only, which is a contravention to the process

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