New guidelines on call costs

Iphone FriendlyFrom July 2015, the costs to call Non-Geographic numbers will be fully transparent providing reassurance to your callers and driving an overall reduction in the cost to call 084 numbers.

Callers to numbers starting with 084 or 087 (called “Non-Geographic” Numbers) will see the cost to call these numbers broken down into two parts:

  1. The Service Charge: This is the amount we (check with your provider) charge callers and is no more than 7p per a minutes inclusive of VAT.

  2. The Access Charge: This is an optional charge that may be added by the callers provider (e.g. Sky, BT, Virgin etc.) as detailed in their call tariff.

This will help your callers to understand not only the exact cost of making the call but also who they are paying the call charges to.

These changes proposed by Ofcom and the telephone industry are designed to deliver clearer pricing for people calling Non-Geographic numbers and are being implemented as of July 2015

Included in the new guidelines is also an obligation from July 6th 2015 for the number owner to display pricing information for callers wherever the number is displayed (e.g. printed media, websites etc.)

From the 6th July 2015 when advertising your 084 number you will need to display pricing information in the following format:

Calls to this number will cost 7p per a minute, your telephone provider (including mobile providers) may add an additional access charge.

If you would like more information on the new guidelines or how pricing information should be displayed then visit OfComs website.

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