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  • New VAT rules in supply of digital services

    New VAT rules in supply of digital services

    From 1 January 2015, the rules on EU VAT charges for digital sales to consumers, covering anything from ebooks to music and video games, online library services and newspaper websites, will fall under the new regulations.

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  • HMRC’s accountability for Christmas parties

    HMRC’s accountability for Christmas parties

    As an employer providing social functions and parties for your employees you may have certain National Insurance and reporting obligations with HMRC.

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  • Tax treatment of grants

    Tax treatment of grants

    We are frequently asked about the tax implications of grants and donations. Check with us as to the status for VAT of your grants, as getting it wrong can be costly.

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  • New SORPs Published

    New SORPs Published

    A SORP is a Statement of Recommended Practice. SORPs provide recommendations for accounting and reporting, in particular, how accounting standards should be applied in the context of particular sectors.

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  • Social Investment Tax Relief

    Social Investment Tax Relief

    The Government introduced the Social investment tax relief in Finance Bill 2014 to kickstart social investment in the UK. The relief has been introduced following consultation last year.

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