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  • Budget 2016 : Key Changes

    Budget 2016 : Key Changes

    The 2016 budget was packed with a few surprises for schools with longer days from Sept 2017 and additional funding from April 2018 when the Sugar levy kicks in.

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  • Pension auto enrolment solution

    Pension auto enrolment solution

    The government has introduced Pensions Legislation that means that all employers, regardless of size, have to automatically enrol most of their employees into a suitable pension scheme and make contributions to it.

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  • Financing Options: Pt1

    Financing Options: Pt1

    Following on from the previous article giving top tips for successful investments this article highlights the main pros and cons of loans and equity for social enterprises and charities.

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  • Financing Options – Pt2

    Financing Options – Pt2

    This article looks at two common quasi equity investment options available for social enterprises and charities, as well as the tax reliefs that can be used in conjunction with debt and equity.

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  • Web design & management for VCO’s and enterprises

    Web design & management for VCO’s and enterprises

    First Stop Design is a growing community collective specialising in the design & management of websites for charities, community enterprises and small businesses.

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